The Trouble comes in Two’s

The trouble with twins is they are so darn cute. The trouble with the fact that they are boys is that they get up to mischief and do the most nonsensical things to the point where you question your parenting skills all the time. When asked about the nonsensical thing, they will in unison start telling the story of how the nonsensical thing happened and you find yourself looking from one twin to the other as they tell the story seamlessly – one starting where the other stops, words overlapping, voices excited. Then they might burst out laughing in conclusion, while you are still processing what they have just said.

Now with the story told, you find yourself faced with two beautiful boys, staring back at you with glee in their faces, eagerly awaiting your response. In this moment I look at them intently. Marvelling at the shape of their faces, the sparkle in their eyes, they way they are so similar and so different. The way they look the same but one is a little more like me and the other a little more like hubby? The amazing gift of human life, the miracle of creation and then being able to see it before your eyes? Alhumdulillah!

They are biologically identical – quick biology note – there are two types of identical twins. The mirror image kind that generally share everything including the amniotic sac and placenta which makes them identical.Extremely hard to tell apart – generally what people expect when you say identical.  Then there are the twins that were from one fertilized egg that split and they shared a placenta but they have separate amniotic sacs. This means that they are likely to look very similar “identical” but not to the point where you cannot tell them apart (for most people). These are what mine are. When they were babies they got mixed up a lot and now when we look at photos we can see why.

As toddlers, they used to get very annoyed with family members who mixed them up. They would moan and mumble and whine and say, “No… that’s not me I’m the other one <insert Twins angry face here>” 🙂 it was really cute from a toddler. Perhaps, a little aggressive, but so darn cute. Now they see the benefits of this trait and sometimes just for fun they will say ‘the other ones’ name when asked who they are.

Sometimes the story telling that occured has more serious consequences, of course, because they have been very naughty and broken something. Like the time they decided to play golf in the lounge! It was a friday afternoon, I remember because I was at work and some colleagues and I had just come back from lunch when I received a frantic call from my husband. He didn’t say much except ‘You better get home before I do, I’m going to kill them’. I quickly called home to find out what happened. Apparently, the TV was damaged. At the time, I had a 1 hour and 15 minutes commute between work and home so to be safe I arranged for my mom to fetch them so I can assess the damage with husband, calm him down and then bring them home. When I got there my husband was staring at the screen. The beautiful big screen TV was mounted against the wall, our primary source of entertainment and stress relief, was definitely damaged. That would be putting it mildly.  There were two gaping holes in the screen, about the size of a golf ball, one in the top right corner and the other towards the left in the middle of the screen. It was shocking at the time. Why would they throw a real golf ball at the screen? Why after the first damage – a fist size hole in the screen – did they not stop? Why throw the ball a second time? Did they do it simultaneously? Needless to stay it took the whole weekend plus some tears to get to the bottom of what had happened. Ironically, the punishment was ‘No TV’.

But they really do grow up so fast. They have comeback lines and make jokes all the time on the dinner table – then crack up laughing – even if no one else is. One of my twins has taken to answering questions like an italian comedian/gangster. With a double answer for dramatic effect! I’ll come home from work and they will be extremely rowdy with all the excess energy that boys possess and once they have settled. I’ll ask, “Are you hungry?” and he will respond “Yes, yes I am”? I mean neither my husband or I do this … ever… where did he learn this? The twin in question has a lisp so just repeat that out loud for a second time “Yessth, dramatic pause – yessth I am“. So DARN Cute!

There is really never a dull moment with these 2. Add in their older brother and it’s a riot. They are always up to something – mimicking star wars ships and characters as they zoom around the house. The rough-and-tumble activities with each other when they wrestle or box or do kung fu type moves. The “Cannon Balls” into the pool on hot summer days. With boys you get so used to the noise, the activity, and the injuries. We have had to rush to the emergency room time and time again. We have had 40 ish stitches, 5 allergic reactions, 2 head injuries and 1 broken clavicle. Don’t worry, everyone is ok 🙂 All in all its made us more prepared for all sorts of situations and with all the crazy – I wouldn’t trade it in for the world.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love. – Rumi

I am so in love with these boys ❤


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