Happy Endings…

I have been a bit preoccupied of late hence there hasn’t been one of these in a while. So before you get ahead of yourself 😉 the happy ending I am referring to is the feel good moment at the end of a book, a story, a movie, with the ending, the cliché, and the warm soppy stuff all through the middle that just makes you feel so cheerful. This is what this weekend was for me.

My baby sister got engaged. She is the youngest of us four siblings, she is also the caregiver, nurturer to all of us. My boys were slightly traumatized at the news that she was going to get married. But once they got used to the idea they started planning what they were going to wear for the engagement party and speculating on when the wedding will be. I think they are all slightly nervous of having to share their precious aunt with someone else. They have had exclusive access to my sisters up until now. My sisters are the first pick for teams at family get together’s and sleeping partners’ at sleepovers or vacations, they are the ones they want to see their favourite movies with and they are the number one choice of babysitters. None of that will change but I think they did worry a bit 🙂

The planning of the function took weeks and weeks of running around for venue, menu, decor and dress. By a stroke of luck my husband’s friend suggested the restaurant that he part owned as an option. When my husband pitched the idea we were like no ways we could pull this off but as the ideas started flowing #OzzysKitchen was the perfect and Only place we could have chosen for our do. We loved the food and the vibe and it just fit with everything we wanted the day to be.

From the moment we arrived at the venue, everything exceeded our expectations. Signs at the front of the restaurant directed guests to the gallery space upstairs. As the lift (elevator) doors opened we were greeted with welcome drinks and the most beautiful decor and flowers we could have imagined. The light streamed in from the windows offering views of the Sandton skyline. Blush pink roses and tulips flowed out of wooden boxes along the length of our banquet tables setting. The food flatbread, humus, koftas to start, followed by juicy saucy pepper steak, amazing roasted Ozzy’s chicken, the most delicious roast veg, shoestring fries and salads. The delectable desserts just finished off the scrumptious meal perfectly.

As the day progressed we heard laughter and conversation around the room. People seemed to be having an amazing time. The radiant smile and aura around my sister confirmed that this was what she wanted. Every guest I chatted to was gracious and loved the day.

It was really a beautiful day to share with loved ones. The most awesome moment presented itself on our way home. As with all good things, they must end, and this was no less true for us on this special day. As the last guests left, we had to ensure that we cleared up and loaded the cars with all of the stuff that we had brought. At this stage we were exhausted, but there were boxes and crates and signs and tablecloths and flowers and presents to fit in limited space in the cars. After the schlep of loading, with tired feet and the warm glow of the aftermath of the day, we headed home. We all had flowers and sundry things overflowing around us in the car. It was evening now and my sisters travelled with us. Everyone was chatting on the way home about the best things of the day. Each person in the car commented on the food, the place and the boys were talking about the roof where we got to take some photos, it was just that general recap after a good day.

As we drove into the driveway my youngest son started to say what he liked best and he stuttered a bit, “Guys, erm guys, I’ll just say the best thing… and prettiest thing… of the whole day was you (addressing my sister, the bride to-be)… ” aaaaww … Oh my  goodness, my heart melted. It was the sweetest thing ever, this little boy who loves his aunt trying to tell her something nice… blushing a little while saying it, but that didn’t stop him, he looked down but said it nonetheless. The most warm fuzzy feeling washed over me. The moment was priceless. I watched as they all shuffled out of the car and into the house still engaged in chit-chat and thought, Alhumdillah, how lucky we are to have moments and days like this.

Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of the one who sees. – Rumi


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  1. ruthsoaper says:

    You tell this story beautifully. I didn’t need pictures but felt like I was there. Congrats to your sister and I hope your boys have a great relationship with her fiancé as well.

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    1. blurreemom says:

      Thank you @ruthsoaper… as an amateur writer that’s the best compliment I could ever ask for 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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