Spring! into Action…

It’s the Southern Hemisphere, it’s springtime, it’s my birthday month, for me it feels like there is change simmering as the summer sets in.

So here’s a couple of things that might sound like cliches but that actually can invoke change! These small things might change you a little, or just offer some new perspective after these dreary winter months…. This is what I plan to do, maybe you like some of my ideas and we can do it together #springisintheair.

Spring cleaning…

Ok I have to admit that in winter I am miserable most of the time … I tend to hibernate, curl up under the blankies and just plain moody. Generally, we moan about things, the weather, the flu, the amount of layers we have to wear and frankly I don’t get anything done. I postpone and procrastinate to no end …. perhaps the cold just doesn’t agree with us(me). This maybe causes me to fester and feed off of negative energy, perhaps hold grudges and possibly hang on to every injustice ever perpetrated against me, ever.

Instead of just spring cleaning the house and changing the sheets, let’s change it up and let go of some of those things. Focus on what’s real and what’s in front of us and stop daydreaming about what will never be, or worrying about things you cannot change. I am going to go back to basics. Islam teaches us that what we want but don’t have now might still be waiting for us somewhere in the future… or perhaps was not good for us in the first place… so I am going to stop plotting against the perpetrators 🙂 and listen to Elsa.

Elsa from Frozen validly to told us to ‘Let it go’, little girls (and big ones) sing this song with gusto but now as I think about it she definitely has a point and maybe we should embrace it, and if by some chance people have truly troubled you and burdened you and its seems like you’re in an endless battle with no reprieve The Beatles told us to ‘Let it be’ When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me 
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

This is just a way or a reminder to shake some of those things off and begin anew. I think the time is now …to let go and let be.

Spring Wardrobe Refresh ( or rather revival)

We are naturally drawn to aesthetics. We like shiny, pretty, youthful, elegant, gorgeous things. Literally, a wardrobe can change your life. Definitely sounds superficial yes? But I don’t mean in a let’s go and shop for the most trendiest brands and expensive designer wear. I’m saying looking at what you have with fresh eyes. You can look smarter, or younger, or trendier, or maybe older, more mature than you are.

I recently binge watched the series Younger where the main character really pulls off being 27 despite being 41. The only real change was her wardrobe. Maybe some lingo here and there. Perhaps, an upgrade in some social media skills and some ‘withit’ concepts and there you have it a 27 year old. I really wondered what it would be like to go back and do some of it again… but then I realized I wouldn’t be doing it again because all of it has happened and led to who I am now…

In my case people are still always shocked at my 3 kids and the question ‘When did you start?’ is often asked. 😉 I seem to look everything between 20 something to 30 something and beyond. I guess my ‘agelessness’ for lack of a better term is because I am relatable. Maybe it’s fueled by my interest in things current and maybe my younger siblings always also help to keep me in the know. But sometimes we feel down and in the dumps… because of all our problems, we think we should be doing more, have better careers and nicer houses. I am definitely not the same, my life, my family, my friends, my experiences all have to be appreciated because it’s how I got here…

So stop thinking about what should be and definitely don’t mope about where you are in the life. Use the change in season to change your perspective. Overall, you are fabulous! Fish out a favorite pair of shoes from your closet and wear those heels. Find something colourful… Personally, I love matching different things and can’t wait to get into my summer clothes, all those patterns, florals and funky combinations. Pack away those coats and dreary colours. Dress for you. Dress in clothes that make you feel happy. Just use what you have to dress a little differently… but at the same time think it out loud. Do it to feel young, or refreshed, or joyful and just give yourself a boost to spring into action every day!

Springing around town…

I generally like people and socialising but when winter sets in it makes me a recluse. I want to be indoors, in my pj’s and with some yummy snack by my side as I indulge in some series or glued to some book. I say no to every invite that comes my way and just the thought of having to go anywhere was upsetting. Now that the warmer weather is coming in… I feel my social side coming alive again. I also feel the energy, good vibes and positivity it can bring. We feed off each other. Our auras and energy speak to each other. So being apart of things and interacting with people who are positive and want to cherish life is uplifting. So go out there and grab every moment. Plan a picnic or a hike. Go on holiday. Have lunch with the girls. Connect with the people closest to you. You might be surprised at the love you receive in return.

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