So, global warming is definitely a thing people. Here in the southern parts of Africa we are experiencing a serious heatwave. My car registered 40 degrees the other day. It’s the kind of heat that your body does not register, you are so hot and bothered all the time it almost makes it impossible to do anything, I feel really bad sometimes because the kiddos want to cuddle and the heat is just too much, so there I am shooing them off of me just to have some air (after a long hug and lots of kisses 🙂 ), basically everything is tedious,  even eating is strenuous.

I take strenuous eating to a whole other level, I have the most horrid habit of eating ice. I will randomly grab an ice block from the freezer and chew and crunch and munch away happily, oblivious that this is painstakingly annoying to anyone around me. Notwithstanding the damage to my teeth and the occasional brain freeze, it is ridiculously satisfying to me. My husband gives me this sideways look, like have you no self awareness? In many instances I am extremely cognisant of my actions and their impact to people around me, in a work context I always ensure that my colleagues are comfortable and understand the task ahead or that I am not imposing with this or that,  in this case not so much. Needless to say I am more aware of this strange habit, and I sometimes chew in the kitchen when only occupied by me 🙂 Also, I have now transferred this to my boys, obviously I have had to set some ground rules for them, only 1 ice cube son… :/

On the topic of ice blocks… it’s not limited to blocks of frozen water, here we make all sorts of fruity, juice based, milkshake based, sugary concoctions which we freeze in ice trays as treats and alternatives to ice-cream, of course there’s ice cream, chilled summer time drinks, chilled fruit of all kinds and then the amazing thunderstorm in between the heat to bring some reprieve.

So at this point, this indulgent rant about the heat is confusing, do I love summer or hate it. Let me just be very clear, I really do love summer. Summer is magic. It’s the days when the mornings are magnificent with the this eerily quiet freshness, and then instantaneously that early morning sunlight just gets you going. It’s the evenings where the warm and fervent air fills every corner, the air is almost heavy with the heat. Then the open sliding door allows for the occasional breeze and the obligatory mosquito or two to accompany you for the rest of the night. It’s majestic sunrises and spectacular african sunsets. It’s the splashing about in the pool, and running around in the backyard having impromptu water fights. It’s the day trips to nature type places, the hiking and going for an evening run. It’s all the stuff that makes you grateful for being exactly where you are! Alhumdulillah

The heat also means the end of the year, the holidays are fast approaching, the kids finishing off the school year and the making of plans with people you haven’t seen in a while because you have to get that last social in before the new year, what bad friends would you be otherwise? Right ❤

The thing about summer is that people gravitate to the outdoors more and to each other more, people are looking for ways to occupy the longer days and thus creates opportunities to connect. We braai and we bond and we want to enjoy time together, so you really get a sense of who your people are at this time of year. The people who care more than you realise will be calling and making plans to do stuff. So my only advice this summer is, indulge them, embrace the summer time vibes and have a little fun in the sun! Also, hydrate.

close up of water splashing in drinking glass


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