my creepy crawlies

Shenanigans before bedtime

My little people are quite active in the nighttime… There’s always a last drama, playing rough and someone gets hurt, a last trick to play on someone or someone screaming with laughter, the blurry pictures means I was probably laughing too 🙂 The twins have been restless sleepers from  the get go, I remember people assuring us that they will develop a schedule and their schedules will sync with both of them wanting to eat and sleep at the same time. This did not happen. There were endless nights of barely any sleep, just as one went down the other woke up and the cycle of changing feeding and burping started all over again.

So from the time they were babies, we have had activity at night, even as they became older and past the toddler phase they would creep and crawl into our beds. Seeing that there is two of them we would end up playing musical beds, I call it. The bed time routine would start with such promise. The boys have a bunker bed with a single on top and double bed at the bottom. This made it easier to keep them in one room because no one wanted to be alone. My older son sleeps on the top, and the twins at the bottom. The boys enjoyed a cuddled and story or song, ‘One more hug mama’ as we recited the final night time prayer, a last goodnight and ‘I love you’… the one more hug is times three for me. They would giggle and a chat a little after we had left room and then finally after some time the slow steady  rhythm of their breathing could be heard. 

This becomes the point when I let out a long breath as if I was holding it all day… Just some time for me to breathe, relax, albeit an hour or two. The time would fly by of course and before long I would jump into bed and drift off to sleep.

Until some stirring and shuffling would awaken me.

First one twin would come, stand at the side of the bed and watch me for some sign of approval that he could jump into bed. It’s extremely creepy and quite disturbing waking up to a little person looking at you with pleading eyes. I would usher him back to his room and jump back into mine. Seemingly moments later the other one would appear. In the darkness of the night and through hazy sleep filled eyes, I would think it’s the same one and then let him jump into bed with us. Moments later the one I sent back to bed would return for his second attempt, see his brother in bed already and take that as approval to jump in. At this point my husband would grab his pillow shuffle to the spare bedroom to try and salvage some sleep before the day started again. For a while then I would reposition to the middle of the bed and have 2 little ones, one on each side with me, then one would wake up and go to find his dad and each of us would have one. In the morning, you will examine the little person next to you to determine which one slept with you… or rather ended up with you. All the while my older son would have been sleeping soundly on the bunker bed oblivious to the goings on beneath him.

The morning would come as if we travelled through the night in lightspeed. The parents of restless children will understand that it does not make sense. The kids are up and jolly and active as if nothing had occurred during the night and then you have us, the parents, groggy and sleep deprived, needing a hot shower and coffee to wake up. The daunting task of getting everyone ready, to school and full day at work ahead. 

Yet somehow their energy rubs off on you, the days starts with laughs and hugs. And you make it on time out the door and through another day. No one around you the wiser, of your creepy crawlies keeping you up during the night.

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