Reflections of a Romantic…

I have always believed in love … the mushy, curl your toes, feel good kind of love. The one you don’t believe is yours even when you’re smiling from the inside out. The one where your life is so beautifully complex yet so magically simple. The one where everything is said in love, done for love, compromises are out of love and even when there are fights the tension can dissipate in seconds because of one sideways glance, a smirk or funny comment… the one where things dissolve into each other leaving the real issue to be resolved for another day.

When I started writing this particular post my thoughts have swung from one side of the pendulum to the other … I have questioned many things about this state of love but the one thing that remains constant is that life needs love. The magical love can evolve but what must remain is your faith and belief and love of Allah and His plan for you but then secondly, knowing your worth, therefore the ever more popular love for ones self.

What happens when time chips away at this magical state of being in love … what if over time you evolve, learn and grow into someone slightly different to the person you were when this state off being in love began? What if years of growing up, work, kids and life in general creates a bubble around you and the changes you have gone through, meaning that you alone are aware of these changes?

What if fights are not as easily resolved by hugs and quirky comments. What if the real issues that were under all those fights finally can no longer be overlooked? How long do you let things slide before you’re actually faced with dealing with the real issues?

So often people find themselves in relationships where the spark that was uniquely theirs is not really recognizable anymore? This is the thing they may have relied on for any and all problem resolutions. Both people are at fault here because lets face it, we tend to take each other for granted, assume we will put up with the others bad behaviors and think after everything we’ve been through this too shall pass?

You hold your breath every time an argument erupts because you don’t know how far either of you will go? How intolerant will you be? What words will you say that you cannot take back ?

This shall not pass if you don’t deal with it and face it head on… this is when you have to have the difficult conversations, be brave to address things head on. Be free in expressing yourself without fear, but also without accusations and embracing the facts as they are to find the way to the other side. You have to choose each other and choose to forgive, to believe you can and if you choose this then you ultimately choose love ❤

The heart is such a fickle little creature it needs soo little to be drawn in, the littlest of actions again have that beautiful softening effect and you are able to embrace each other with honesty and smile with love… restoring the magical state you long for and crave…

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